Wednesday, September 9, 2020

The Tower (and everything because)

We have explosive moments in ours lives we can choose learn from and embrace. Or whine and place blame for. Too many many times I see the latter. I, found myself in an extremely toxic relationship, when I realized it. I tried leaving. They wouldn't allow me to. Claiming some past life tie (It's true, I told them but I was tripping balls, and my vision they were my MK Ultra operator, so not exactly non abusive there ethier) Point being, I no longer let this hold space. Neither should They Every person we meet, is their own thing. Sometimes two people are too messy to work. So, accept. Heal, grow. That being said, I am ready to dive back into my beloved tarot.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Function & Form

So to explain I have twitter. I talk a lot there. I used to blog personally, I don't except when maybe on my benevolence and usually because I'm getting paid to. (IE my bimbo journey via my girlfriend's patreon) I write articles on the web, which I rather like. Honestly, I love writing music crit essays and it's amazing to me the wider world of music that does in fact exist. I hope you do subscribe to my newsletter and explore music with me. That all being said, I adore writing fiction. However my current brain state prevents me from sitting and writing a whole novel straight through. Serializing like the OLD seems to really work. Stay Tuned for updates.